Saturday, March 10, 2012

Warning: Devastatingly Sticky

Bacon-Maple Sticky Buns or Graymail FTW

I get a lot of what Microsoft has recently termed "graymail." Google Offers, Walgreens weekly newsletter, Amazon Local deals, CHOW Recipes of the Week. I hate unread messages, so I at least open all of these emails (smart-ass tech people - yes I know there's a "mark as read" function) and glance if only for an instant at the contents of each message. I'm glad that I do, because last week one of the recipes featured was for bacon maple sticky buns.

As of my baking these, there was only one user comment on the recipe. It read, simply, "The best sticky buns I've EVER had. EVER." I have to agree. But these buns don't need faceless Internet commentators to establish their superiority, they can speak for themselves:

Damn that's sticky.